The Music and Culture Shul

Join us at Metropolitan Synagogue for a unique monthly Friday night Shabbat concert of Jewish music and services with Sephardi singer and virtuoso Avram Pengas, from 6-7 pm. See below schedule.

Here at the METROPOLITAN SYNAGOGUE, we bring together the warmth and spirituality of Judaism in our services as an extended family of all ages. For over fifty years, we have believed that music is a powerful vessel through which one can pray and one can also bring together a community with a common goal; a goal to keep the richness of our culture and religion alive.

We celebrate our cultural diversity and heritage as expressed through performance, the written word, and inspirational educational programming. As we go through our day to day struggles of finding the balance between traditions and modernity we invite you to join us in prayer and in song and come together to create one community.

We are the METROPOLITAN SYNAGOGUE and we welcome you!

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The Shabbat schedule for the 2023/ 2024 year will be as follows, with Shabbat family services / concert from 6:00-7:00 pm at Scandinavia House (58 Park Ave and East 37th St., Murray Hill, New York, NY 10016 (except for October and June which are outdoor services)

Friday October 6, 2023 5:00 pm, Outdoor Sukkot Shabbat in Madison Square Park

Friday November. 10, 2023 Family Shabbat & Concert

Friday December 8, 2023: Hannukah Family Shabbat & Concert

Friday January 19, 2024: Tu Be’Shevat Family Shabbat & Music on Protecting Nature

Friday February 9, 2024: Family Shabbat & Concert

March 22, 2024: Purim Family Shabbat & Concert

April 23, 2024: Passover Community Seder (second night) gourmet catering & live music -- all welcome with reservation / rsvp — limited space rsvp by email

May 10, 2024 Family Shabbat & Concert Celebrating Israeli Music

Friday June 7, 2024, 5:15 pm Outdoor Family Shabbat in Madison Square Park

Metropolitan Synagogue’s COVID-19 policy is as follows:

  • All Metropolitan Synagogue members, staff, visitors, and program attendees over the age of 5 are required to be fully vaccinated, including with boosters if eligible.